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Shri. Kathipara Janarthanan is an veteran politician and a pioneer in the business sector hugely respected and well known among the Corporate and Masses alike. Widely believed to be ahead of times in foreseeing opportunities and courageous in facing challenges.

What makes him doubly great is how he overturned his immense struggle and difficulties of childhood into opportunities. Born on 19th April 1947 at Madurai, Shri. Kathipara Janarthanan completed his schooling from Sethupathi Higher Secondary School where Mahakavi Subramaniya Barathiyar was working as a teacher, with inspiration from the great leader Kamarajar, he joined the Indian National Congress.

His ambitions always encompassed the needs of the society and social service was a huge motivation for KPJ. His drive to serve the society always preceded him in all his endeavors.